30ml PE Unicorn Pen Plastic Bottle with Child Resistant Tamper Evident Cap (25 Pack)

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Material: PE Semi-Transparent Plastic
Capacity: 30ml (1 fluid oz)
Overall Height: 5.25in (133mm)
Diameter: 0.75in (20.6mm)

The bottles are great for dripping and dispensing e-liquid, essential oils, aroma therapy, saline, and many other liquids. The slim design is easy to handle and slips right into your pocket or purse. The precision nozzle tip can drip just one drop or a steady stream, depending on the amount of pressure you apply. Great for DIY liquids that you make on your own. The tamper evident cap will give your friends or customers confidence that nothing has been altered. The child resistant cap is also easy to use, simply push down and twist. Each bottle comes in three parts to make it convenient to fill. Be sure the nozzle tip is secure on the bottle opening before squeezing.