Drain Snake Cleaning Tool for Hair and Clog Removal (20" Long, 5-Pack)

  • $9.95

Great solution for clogged and slow running drains!
Simple device that can quickly reach deep into sink/bath drains to remove hair and other obstructions. Keep these on hand so you're never caught unprepared.

* Quick and easy solution at a great price
* Barbed hooks designed to catch hair and clogs
* Durable and flexible plastic provides cleaning power without risk of damaging plumbing
* 20" long to reach deep into drain
* Lay flat packaging for easy storage * Package Includes: 5x Buhbo Drain Clog Removal Tool
* Drain removal tools come in lay flat packaging which prevents a permanently curved state. Straight flat plastic is a lot easier to insert into a drain compared to other drain removal tools that come in curved / rolled up packaging.